Dasian Modern BENCH
  • Dasian Modern BENCH


    This bench or coffee table, a mash-up of Scandanavian and Asian styles, was built for the Black Celebration show.  The slab that i started with sat in my shop for years, tormenting me, with what it could become.  The live edge oak plank spent a hard life as a floor in a hayloft before it came to me and although i could see it's beauty it was far from pretty.  My solution: BURN IT.  The practice of Shou-sugi ban, or charring, is a Japanese method for preserving and protecting wood or in my case a technique for removing the outer layers of funk, burnishing jagged edges and turning it BLACK. I stitched the checks with hand made brass butterflies.   The base is made from turned and burned white oak spindles pegged with brass.  May it live another 100 years!


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